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Quality Through Production Control

The key to our manufacturing success can be expressed in one word – Quality. AutoV has the unique
capability to control quality in every phase of production. Several quality control checks are built into AutoV production lines by a group of qualified engineers.

It starts with careful procurement of the highest quality raw materials on child parts with the screening on the
quality vendor / supplier performance. Merging with the programs such as vendor audit, joint-check, Quality Alarm briefing and vendor Quality Assessment Meeting.

In-line quality checking to continually monitor to assure S.O.P are carried out effectively, to monitor in process rejection rate and to update the accuracy of checking method.

In addition to the TS requirement, every AutoV product is subject to a 100% final inspection – to ensure
good quality product according to customer specification and standard.

Our products will undergo testing to reconfirm the standard are followed, such standard like JIS, MMC, ASTM, EEC, DTDS & SAE.

With the dedicated and enthusiastic Quality Team we promise to deliver right quality and quantity to our
customers at right time with quality standard and requirement specification.